Wasteland Mechanic

Wasteland Mechanic character turntable,

Richard gonzales wastelandmechaniccombo

Keyshot render, front and back.

Richard gonzales fa17 cg305 rbriley rich gonzales conceptsketches

concept art sketches

Richard gonzales fa17 cg305 rbriley rich gonzales checkin character

early sculpt work, A-pose

Richard gonzales zbrush document1

zbrush render with default wax material

Richard gonzales wastelandmechanic 82

face detail closeup

Wasteland Mechanic

This was a character design project, made in Zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.
This is the first character I have designed and sculpted in Zbrush, and I made it as a project in order to learn the Zbrush workflow.

More artwork
Richard gonzales coverimageRichard gonzales plinthrendersideRichard gonzales propszoowireframe