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'Space that thing' player Props

I am part of a student team making a FPS hidden role game called "Space that Thing." Among other things, I have been making simple props for the early version of the game. As we get further in development, I'll replace these with cleaner models and texture them.

Richard gonzales propszoowireframe

the props all together, showing off their relative sizes.

Richard gonzales gunmodelfirstpass

the gun!

Richard gonzales healinggun

healing 'gun'

Richard gonzales flashlight

flashlight, for when the power goes out.

Richard gonzales dnasampler

DNA extractor. the first step to detecting alien shapeshifters.

Richard gonzales extinguisherpreview

an extinguisher. fire on a spaceship is bad news.

Richard gonzales baton

stun baton

Richard gonzales autoinjector

autoinjector model