respawn point
Richard gonzales plinthrenderside

3D model of the respawn point, created in maya, textured in Substance painter.

Richard gonzales plinthconcept

early concept paint of respawn point.

Richard gonzales plinthmodel

Maya base model

Richard gonzales prop plinth mat prop plinth rune emissive basecolor

Glowing Runes emissive mask

Richard gonzales prop plinth mat prop plinth normal

Normal mask, created in photoshop and baked in Substance painter

Richard gonzales prop plinth mat prop plinth occlusionroughnessmetallic

Roughness metallic and AO packed into one map for Unreal, materials generated by Substance painter.

Richard gonzales unrealscreenshot

Screenshot in Unreal Engine

respawn point

This is a respawn point prop for our game "Descend into Stone" When the character approaches, the runes light up to let them know it has been activated. On death, the player will respawn here, standing on the plinth.
Modeled in Maya, decorated in Photoshop, Material maps made in Substance Painter, and implemented in Unreal.

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