Space that Thing menus and UI

Richard gonzales mainmenumockup
Main menu
Richard gonzales engineinterface mockup
engine interface
Richard gonzales space that thing beta trailer 00 01 14 05 still007
in game screenshot. This is the power core interface. You can see the health bars, character status, and equipped item icons that I made.
Richard gonzales mapscreenmockup
Map screen, upper level. I had to make up a lot of spaceship information to make sense of the twisting hallways.
Richard gonzales charselectmockup1
character select screen. I took concept art of the different characters and made pixelated portraits.
Richard gonzales airlock interface thingdetected
THING detected!

In 2016 our student game team 'Isogon Games' made a hidden-role spaceship management game. For the interfaces, we wanted a simplified 80s design, to mimic the look of old CRT monitor menus. We needed a lot of screens for all the different stations that players had to manage, from power, to weapons and engine. The screens had to be simple and clear, but interesting to interact with. I have only included a few of the more prominent ones.